Saturday, March 19, 2011

How do you spell peaceful weekend when shopping malls are packed like mad? I need a getaway!

If only travelling is an occupation.. Don't we all wish the same?

Don't you wish you have all the money in the world so you could travel around the world? Ahhh.. The thought of visiting Eiffel Tower in Paris or sightseeing in New Zealand do jiggle the freedom we all yearn for far too long. Well, listen up, Churpers! Cause we're bringing you the best deal ever! MAS Traveller is going to be the answer to your life long dream. All you gotta do is to craft a blogpost, upload a video and promote it. With just 4 simple steps from MAS Traveller and you could be on your way to South Africa or even awesome Korea! Be quick. Put your creative hat on, and you could be the lucky ones to stand a chance to win TWO all-expense-paid trips and own a page on Yahoo! Travel. Share this with your family and friends today. Have fun! Contest ends on April 1, 2011.


ken said...

i wish i can travel and make it as my job too :)

Nava Kishnan said...

I wish too I can travel all the time but will still be happy if at least once a year.

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